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Summer 2011
Coral Reef Conservation Program Update
CRCP Announces 2011-2016 Strategic Plan
Chantal Collier
Coral Reef Program Manager

Extensive stands of staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis), mountainous star coral (Montastraea faveolata) colonies that can grow as large as a car, five species of sea turtles, and fish ranging from vibrantly colored angelfish and parrotfish to highly prized snappers and groupers – the coral reefs off mainland southeast Florida are home to an incredibly diverse community of animals and plants. The presence and persistence of these living natural resources, despite the pervasive loss of habitat...

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative Update
Awareness and Appreciation (AA) Update: Completion of Education Signs at Boat Ramps and Illustrated Poster on Florida's Coral Reefs.
Christopher Boykin
Awareness and Appreciation Project Coordinator

During the month of June one of the AA Focus Team’s biggest projects was completed with the installation of 20 large educational signs at boat ramps in southeast Florida. Also called “wayside exhibits”, the signs measure 4’ wide by 3’ tall and are intended to reach the diverse commercial and recreational boating communities of southeast Florida. They were fabricated on vandalism resistant “RHINO” panels, which are one of the most durable materials in the industry and used frequently by the National Park Service throughout the country. The educational content of the signs...

Land Based Sources of Pollution (LBSP) Update: Completion of two outreach products concerning LBSP impacts on coral reef ecosystems.
Katharine Tzadik & Troy Craig
Environmental Project Coordinator & Program Assistant

We are proud to announce the completion of one LBSP project to “Educate and inform all stakeholders concerning the value and importance of the coral reef ecosystem of Southeast Florida, land-based sources of pollution, pollution impacts on the resource, and the strategies recommended to address the problems”. Outcomes of this project came in the form of two products; a fertilizer and pesticide brochure, and a Watershed poster. The purpose of the project was to directly address the issue of lack of public awareness regarding land-based sources of pollution and its...

NEW MICCI Products Available: Working Hard to Minimize Impacts to Southeast Florida’s Coral Reef Resources!
Lauren Waters
NOAA Coral Fellow

Several new MICCI projects are done and ready for distribution! The new report "Policy Recommendations and Training to Improve Agency Permitting, Compliance, and Enforcement for Coral Resource Conservation in Southeast Florida" is a synthesis of the current rules and regulations that protect reef resources. Interviews of mid- and high-level agency personnel were conducted to better understand compliance and enforcement constraints, to seek methods to address identified constraints, and to seek avenues for better processes to leverage the scarcity of financial and...

Coastal Construction Industry Meeting a Success!
Lauren Waters
NOAA Coral Fellow

On June 14th, 2011, the Maritime Industry and Coastal Construction Impact (MICCI) Coordinator and MICCI Team hosted the public meeting: “Construction and Reef Resources: Tools and Techniques to Assess and Minimize Impacts in Southeast Florida” at the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) in Dania Beach. This meeting brought together over 40 representatives from various local, state, and federal agencies, construction companies, and environmental consulting firms to learn about products developed by the MICCI Focus Team that can assist in minimizing...

Vessel Use Study Completed for Southeast Florida Coral Reefs
Jamie Monty
Fishing, Diving and Other Uses Project Coordinator

Dr. Don Behringer and Dr. Bob Swett, both of the University of Florida (UF), recently completed a study titled “Determining Vessel Use Patterns in the Southeast Florida Region.” Between 2008 and 2009, UF staff conducted 10 helicopter flights to collect vessel use data offshore of Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Flights were conducted on weekdays, weekends, and holidays to obtain data on low, medium, and high use days, respectively. Data collected includes vessel class (recreational, commercial, headboat, research), vessel size (<10m, 10-20m, >20m),...

You can view all of the completed project reports and work products online.
Reef Injury Prevention and Response Update
Raising Awareness for the Coral Reef Protection Act
Katharine Tzadik
Environmental Project Coordinator
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2011 Coral Bleaching Monitoring Underway
Christopher Boykin
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